Courage is not necessarily the lack of fear. We look at fear the same way you would look at electricity. Electricity is powerful and useful when channeled but let lose it causes havoc. Untamed fear is dangerous and decapitating. There is an 80% sales increase after sales executives undergo the overcoming fear training. We work with you to harness the power of fear and set you on path to achieve those seemed impossible dreams.

  • Awareness
  • Identity and curiosity
  • The Now
  • FT
  • Sedona
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Prepare your children to courageously express who they are. Growing brave is to have courage in everything one does. Being brave doesn’t mean that a child or youth never experience fear. It means that someone is learning to cope with wide range of emotions, even the uncomfortable ones. One doesn’t let the stress of the world stop him/her from taking steps and participating in their life.

  • Learning to cope with a range of emotions
  • Anxiety on social development and academics
  • Decoding childhood emotions, fears and anxieties
  • Child-parent interaction
  • Daily routines
  • Strategies to promote bravery
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Our training is both individual and organization focused. The evaluation looks at individual coping capability and provides individuals with skills on how to face future challenging moments drawing from their past experience. We work with organizations who are concerned about their employees stress levels. This is important because it affects employees work performance and in return affects the company bottom line.

  • Understand stress
  • Understand burnout
  • Learn about resiliency
  • Strategies to build resiliency
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The leadership model is futuristic, yet it recognizes today’s challenges. The leadership modules are unique to each focus group. This is in appreciation that individuals find themselves in different levels in the leadership ladder. The Coaching Mind set and Coaching Process for Engaging and Developing others.

  • Creating a team of leaders
  • Scenario Planning
  • Leading through Creativity
  • Problem solving and Decision Making
  • Strategic thinking
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The module includes one on one coaching with business owners on how to grow their businesses. Part of the module is increasing employees’ motivation and reducing high turnover. The training provides the businesses owners with skills and relevant resources to ensure their businesses grow.

  • Sales
  • Functional structure
  • Resource management
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Life coaching has both intensive and extensive approach in helping individuals live fulfilled and happy lives. Some of the modules include, setting life goals, building lasting relationships, achieving excellence, art of living, assertive and public speaking/presentation skills training among others.

  • Getting inspired
  • Life map
  • Vision walk
  • Goal setting
  • Self care
  • Building a dream team

There are many career options, the most difficult task most of the time is choosing a career option that one is most likely to succeed in.

Our focus

  • setting career goals
  • doing career assessments and evaluations
  • getting your dream job
  • career shifts
  • motivation letter
  • CV writing
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The world has become a global village. Individuals work with people from different parts of the world. Organizations are comprised of people of different gender, race, ethnicity and religion. Our focus is to help individuals harness the potential in the diversity and ensure organizational success.

  • Harassment based upon sex and other protected categories (race, religion, national origin, etc.)
  • Discrimination
  • Diversity Issues
  • Effective Communication
  • Anger Management
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Management Skills
  • Teambuilding
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Dealing with personal finance is a huge challenge for many adults, causing all sorts of stress, difficulties, and uncertainties in their lives. This is mainly because most adults did not have the benefit of learning more about managing their money at an early age.

  • setting financial goals
  • tracking expenses
  • learning to say no
  • the 50-20-20-10 rule
  • investment portfolios
  • basic money management
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